Saturday, April 11, 2009

Burung Merbah Jambul

Merbah jambul atau Red whiskered bulbul


The Red-Whiskered Bulbul gets its name from the red whisker patch located below its eye. This bird feeds on a variety of fruits, insects and flower buds, and often does so in flocks of three to fifty birds.


Black face and long, pointed crest. Dark brown hindneck and upperparts. White foreneck, throat, and underparts. White cheek, which is separated from rest of neck by a thin dark line extending from bill to hindneck. Red ear patch and vent. Slender black bill. Long black tail with white tip. Immature birds are similar to adults, but lack the red ear patch, have a grayish-brown crown, and appear duller overall. Sexes similar. 7 inches in length.


Native to southern Asia, but have been introduced into parts of North America, such as southern Florida and Hawaii (unauthorized cage release in O'ahu around 1965).


2-4 pale pink eggs streaked and spotted with red. The eggs have a 24 day incubation period. Fledging occurs in ? days. The nest is a woven cup made from rootlets, bark, and leaves and lined with softer fibers. The nest is usually built in a low tree fork.

Merbah Jambul

Burung Merbah Jambul adalah salah satu daripada haiwan yang boleh didapati di Malaysia. Nama sainsnya ialah Pycnonotus .melanicterus.


Burung Merbah Jambul Hitam ialah haiwan yang tergolong dalam golongan benda hidup, alam : haiwan, filum : kordata, sub-filum : bertulang belakang (vertebrata), kelas : burung. Burung Merbah Jambul Hitam ialah haiwan berdarah panas, mempunyai sayap dan badan yang dilitupi bulu pelepah. Paruh Burung Merbah Jambul Hitam tidak bergigi.


1. Telur semut
2. Telur kerengga
3. Belalang
4. Buah pisang
5. Buah betik
6. Buah mentimun
7. Buah oren
8. Ketola
9. Madu


Burung Merbah Jambul Hitam membiak dengan bertelur. Telur Burung Merbah Jambul Hitam bercangkerang keras.

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